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Weight Loss and Nutrition

  1. -Making weight loss goals a reality

  2. -A new way you'll look at nutrition

  3. -A new way people will look at you

Sport-Specific Training

  1. -Getting that competitive edge

  2. -Improving performance

  3. -Being the best you can be

Total Body Conditioning

  1. -Optimal aerobic fitness and endurance

  2. -Core strength and power

  3. -A lean, conditioned physique

  4. -Personalised weights programs

Youth Training

  1. -Nurturing a ‘sports mentality’

  2. -Preventing child obesity

  3. -Raising developmental fitness

Medically oriented exercise

  1. -Controlling high blood pressure

  2. -Managing arthritis and diabetes

  3. -Combating osteoporosis

Seniors Fitness

  1. -Improving balance, flexibility, mobility and co-ordination

  2. -Increasing strength and vitality

  3. -Maintaining health, boosting energy and confidence levels

  4. -Making everyday activities easier and more enjoyable

Other services:

  1. -Bridal Bootcamps

  2. -Boxing technique clinics

  3. -Kayaking for fitness - the ultimate cross-training workout

  4. -Rock-climbing for strength, agility and personal challenge

  5. -Advice on shoe and equipment selection